Founded as an NGO in 1992 in Cipolletti, Rio Negro, Patagonia Argentina.
Its aims are:
- Integrate the community through cultural projects.
- Produce programs of general interest from a local point of view.
- Disseminate artistic and documentary material (TV and Film) of different nations and cults.
- Facilitate the communication and participation of the members of the Argentine community in the rest of the world.
-Transmit values.
The TvC is broadcast by Channel 8 of Somos El Valle with an audience of 500,000 viewers who join those who share on social networks such as YouTube and Facebook.



Under the conceptual idea of ​​Lorenzo Kelly is formed the first directive commission of Cipolletti Community Television.
During the first years, the TV could be seen every day, 6 hours, using a precarious transmission equipment by air signal "Channel 5".
In 1992, the FTA emission is interrupted to enter in the programming of channel 8 Somos el Valle (CATV).
The programming begins to spread local contents, of general interest, health, education and entertainment.
After 25 years of uninterrupted production it is one of the channels with the best trajectory in the Alto Valle of Rio Negro and Neuquén and is also one of the first community channels of the Argentine Republic.
More than a year ago, the new board of directors chaired by Marina "Timón" Ávila decided to make a qualitative leap betting on education and international exchange.
Is formed an international production team that embarks on a trip through the Asian continent, doing a field study on countries with high economic and educational development. Such is the case of Indonesia, India and Vietnam.
This trip was conducive to start Without Watch, a travel and tourism program and at the same time to plan an artistic circuit that includes the Asian, European and Argentinean continent. All of this was possible thanks to the unconditional contribution of Az Group Communication Designs, which provided technical, economic and logistic material for carrying out these activities.
The result of this last year of research has been the possibility of three cultural exchanges in Indonesia, India and Vietnam.

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