Indian Heart

It is a cultural and educational exchange project in Khori, Haryana, India Borned in 2017 as a local need for knowledge and exchange with different cultures.
The first experience was carried out in March of 2017. Rocio Venditti and Marina Timón, audiovisual directors visited Khori village in Haryana province, India. Many activities were developed, like art exhibitions; meetings with primary school students where everyone shared their own traditions and culture; sport games with kids; moments where the kids shared national songs; meetings with the locals; visiting temples and places in the village; participation in yoga meditation on Sundays with an Indian family.
As a result, Rocio and Timón made and audiovisual documentary that summarize all the experience in the village. The artworks is called “Cultural Exchange Argentina - India”.



This scholarship program aims to:

• Generate awareness of environmental care.
• Raise awareness of India's millennial culture.
• Understand the meaning of their castes and family traditions.
• Know the principles of yoga, meditation and Hinduism.
• Generate a life awareness with vegetarian food.
As a result the production of a work of art that transmits to the new generations the need to keep the channels of communication open through art and contact with other nationalities and cultures for personal growth.
Indian Heart is aimed at students or people interested in promoting leadership and popular culture in their communities to become agents of social change.
It is aimed at artists, educators and people linked to complementary therapies.
It lasts 3 weeks.


Timon and Rocio taking part in Sport Activity in Khori Village.


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